What's it like to have CAR T cell therapy?

We've heard from former patients and their families who have undergone CAR T cell therapy. Explore the short films below to hear their experience and advice.

Read more about how we use CAR-T therapy at GOSH.

Hear from former patients and families about CAR T-Cell Therapy

Explore the CAR T-Cell Therapy video series

Click on the cards below to watch the films on these different topics.

Will CAR T therapy work for my child?

Meet four families and their children who have undergone CAR T Cell therapy.

What are the side effects?

Side effects vary for each patient. Hear from four families and their different experiences.

Life logistics during CAR T Cell Therapy

Hear how these families balanced their life, family and work throughout CAR T Cell Therapy.

Keeping entertained during therapy

There are lots of ways to stay entertained in hospital, from music to art, to building Lego cards. Hear how these former patients kept themselves entertained.

How to keep going as a parent

Families share advice for how you can manage your wellbeing as a parent, utilising our clinical support services like therapists, the play team, and chaplaincy.

Home vs. Hospital during CAR T-Cell treatment

From preparing for the 11+ to learning with the hospital school, there's lots to do in hospital. Hear how these patients spent their time in and out of hospital.

Supporting siblings during therapy

Hear how four families supported their child's siblings during CAR T-Cell therapy.

The CAR T cell therapy patient experience and support films were created in partnership with the University of Bath, Media and Film Department, Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG) Charity and Leukaemia Care Charity.

The films were made to meet a need that patients and families identified, and the theme's within the films aim to support future patients and their families through the journey of CAR T cell therapy.

If you have any questions about the subjects raised in these films, please contact your CAR T Cell Therapy Specialist Nurse for support and advice.