Clinical support services

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) isn't just a hospital. From spiritual care in a fully operational chapel to play specialists, social work and specialist advice on nutrition.

There are many clinical support services available to families and patients, browse the clinical support services available to you and your family while visiting GOSH.

Bereavement services

Our bereavement service offers advice and support to people dealing with end of life issues and related difficult situations. 

Chaplaincy and spiritual care

The members of the multi-faith Chaplaincy team are employed by the Trust to listen confidentially and reflect with you, whether you are religious or not. 

Diet and nutrition

The dietetics department works with children and their families who have a condition where nutrition and special diets can be used as treatment. 

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy helps to minimise the impact of disease and disability by encouraging function and independence.

Paediatric psychology

Our paediatric psychology service helps children and their families cope with their conditions and helps prevent associated psychological difficulties. 


Find out more about how our Pharmacy department helps ensure the safe, effective and rational use of medicines in GOSH. 


Learn more about our physiotherapy department and the role our physiotherapists play in your child's recovery. 


Play helps children, young people and families adjust to what can be a very stressful experience. Find out more about our play services at GOSH.

Social work

We provide a direct social work service to children and families. Learn more about the role of our department, social workers and family support workers.

Music Therapy

The aim of music therapy is to create a fun, interactive musical connection and build on this to achieve longer term goals.

Speech and language therapy

A specialist service for children with disorders of communication and feeding. 

Medical Photography and Health Creatives

This team comprises photographers and designers who support the hospital by illustrating what we do.