Laboratory Medicine

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust offers a range of unique laboratory services covering both routine and specialist testing.

Our world-class teams are comprised of clinical and biomedical scientists, researchers, and support staff. The teams play an essential role in the diagnosis and treatment of childhood illness, as well as acting as a specialist referral centre for hospitals, clinics and clinicians across the world.  We also provide some services for testing of adult samples.

Accreditation / Compliance

Most tests offered by our services are accredited by UK Accreditation Service (UKAS) against ISO15189. Work conducted under accreditation shall be reported in a clear and unambiguous way. It is a mandatory requirement for an accredited laboratory to clearly reference UKAS accreditation on all reports that include accredited results, either by use of the appropriate symbol or statement. When reports incorporating reference to UKAS accreditation contain results from non-accredited tests, the non-accredited work shall be clearly identified as ‘Not UKAS accredited’. Follow the link below for the scope of accreditation for each laboratory:

Our services conform to all the legal and statutory regulatory requirements of the Human Tissue Act (HTA), JACIE and MHRA.

Quality control

The laboratories subscribe to national and international quality assurance schemes for all assays where available. The laboratory validates and verifies all tests prior to implementation and incorporates internal quality control measures within its procedures.

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

To fulfil the requirements of ISO15189 in relation to referral laboratories we have made the relevant information available within on this webpage. We have a contract with you, if we are sent the appropriate sample and accompanying request form. We will follow all our internal processes to report results in a timely manner.

User guides and request forms

Our user guides detail the services and tests available in each of our five laboratories. Each guide will explain how to request these tests, what samples are required and the clinical advice available.

Request forms for different tests within each lab are also available to download below.

Specific instructions for Histopathology and Microbiology samples

The Histopathology and Microbiology laboratories are not able to accept tissue specimens that need to be split or shared. Tissue specimens that need to be tested by both laboratories must be submitted separately to each laboratory, with the relevant orders on EPIC, and the appropriate labels on the containers. Collecting and splitting tissue must be done by the clinician obtaining the specimen.

Any delay to placing the specimens in the appropriate medium, or in getting the specimens to the appropriate laboratory for processing, introduces pre-analytical variables that impact the quality of the results, and subsequent diagnosis and patient management.

Accessing results

We offer an online web-based results portal, allowing external health care providers to view the results and reports for their patients.

The portal provides:

  • An external, secure review of results by Health Care Providers (HCPs) or Submitting Location
  • Secure access to allow HCPs to review their results or the results of their practice (multiple HCP practices) as part of registration and security set-up
  • Email notifications to the user are generated at the point of report verification.

This is a secure service; access is granted by registration and creation of an account. Once an account is set up, paper reporting will be turned off.

To register for our results portal, please complete our Outreach Request Form. A valid departmental email account is required.

North Thames Genomic Laboratory Hub

The NHS North Thames Genomic Laboratory Hub (NTGLH) is one of seven genomic laboratory hubs in England responsible for providing genomic and genetic testing, including the start of whole genome sequencing, as part of the Genomic Medicine Service in the NHS.

The NTGLH provides all core rare and inherited disease and cancer genomic testing services for the population of north, west and east London, and parts of Essex and Hertfordshire.

The NTGLH is a partnership between a number of Trusts who currently have genomic testing laboratories across North London and led by Great Ormond Street NHS Foundation Trust. You can find out more about the NTGLH and the tests available by visiting the NTGLH website.

How to contact the Laboratory Medicine Team

Laboratory Medicine
Camelia Botnar Laboratories
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust
Great Ormond Street

Telephone: 020 7829 9200 Ext: 0175


We welcome feedback from our users and undertake regular user surveys to improve our service. Please see Laboratory Medicine User Survey Report 2023. If you have any further questions or feedback, please contact

Natural Language Processing of histopathology reports - patient notification

This research project involves the analysis of large numbers of de-identified pathology reports.

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