Meet the Team

The CAR T cell therapy service at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) consists of specialists in both Haemtaology and Bone Marrow Transplant. You will meet members of both teams during the therapy journey, but will be allocated a named CAR T cell therapy consultant throughout.

Your CAR T cell therapy Specialist Nurse will follow you throughout all aspects of the pathway, and provide specialist advice and support during your treatment.

CAR T Cell Therapy Consultant Lead

Dr Sara Ghorashian


Professor Persis Amrolia

Dr Kanchan Rao

Dr Robert Chiesa

Dr Giovanna Lucchini

Dr Juliana Silva

Dr Vesna Pavasovic

Dr Anupama Rao

Associate Speciality Doctors

Dr Khushnuma Mulanfiroze

Dr Arina Lazareva

Dr Milena Balasch-Carulla

CAR T Cell Therapy Specialist Nurse

Saskia Burridge (NHS)

Katherine Berry (International and Private Patients)

Administrative Support

Chris Sullivan

Medical PA

Poppy Debinath

CNS/Nursing PA

Chetan Patel

Administration and Performance Lead


Annette Hill

Bone Marrow Transplant Team Lead

Emma Gilbert

Head of Nursing

Mary Foo-Caballero, Carole Bell


Esther Dontoh

General Manager

Charlotte Stevens

Service Manager

Anne Emmett

Quality Manager

Nick Cabon

Principle Analyst, Clinical information Lead, Clinical information team