Our mission

A photo of a lecture theatre full of people with laptop and notebooks

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is one of the world’s leading children’s hospitals, and the GOSH Learning Academy (GLA) was launched to support its mission of finding new and better ways to treat childhood illnesses, and share this specialist knowledge.

The GLA exists to provide education and training which will have a wide-reaching and positive impact on the safety and overall experience of patients. GLA’s role is to ensure that staff have the required knowledge, skills and capabilities to provide the exceptional support and care that patients need and deserve.

The way we achieve this is by building a growing portfolio of exemplary multi-professional development programmes tailored for those working in paediatrics, and prioritise investment in the wellbeing and development of staff.

In 2020, GOSH launched ‘Above & Beyond’, a five-year strategy to advance care for children and young people with complex health needs. One of six priority programmes aiming to enable the delivery of better, safer, kinder care and to save and improve more children’s and young people’s lives was to develop the GLA as the first-choice provider of outstanding paediatric care.

To achieve this, we defined a series of strategic aims:

  • Aim 1: GLA to be recognised as a preferred provider of paediatric healthcare education and training.
  • Aim 2: GLA sought by national bodies for educational interactions and interventions supporting the care of children and young people.
  • Aim 3: Bigger pool of high potential leaders with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to ensure we are a compassionate, inclusive organisation.