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Issues with supply of Norditropin Flexpro 15mg pens

Updated May 2023

We have recently been made aware that there are unfortunately ongoing continued supply issues with Norditropin Flexpro 15mg pens (this does not apply to the 5mg and 10mg FlexPro pens), which is why you are experiencing problems with the supply of your child's growth hormone.

This is due to on-going problems with production within the Novo Nordisk factory and Novo Nordisk cannot now guarantee uninterrupted, ongoing supplies of the Norditropin 15mg FlexPro pen for potentially several months or longer.

The Department of Health have previously advised switching patients who are on the Norditropin FlexPro 15mg pens to an alternative product and recommended Omnitrope (manufactured by Sandoz) and the Clinical team at GOSH have now decided that this needs to happen for patients on the Norditropin Flexpro 15mg pens. This will be a permanent switch since NovoNordisk cannot guarantee their supplies of Norditropin.

The consultant team have made a decision that if you still have some stock you move to alternate day dosing and when this runs out your child may will have a short treatment break whilst the switch to Omnitrope is made. We will need to use a new Homecare Company called Sciensus for the delivery of Omnitrope, supplies and training and therefore once this switch has been completed your child will no longer be registered with Alcura.

Learn more about Omnitrope Surepal on the Sandoz website.

We apologise for this situation and the potential disruption to your child’s growth hormone treatment but please be assured that the team are working as quickly as we can to make this process happen quickly and smoothly.

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