About the Single Ventricle Service

The Single Ventricle Service at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is a multidisciplinary service specialising in the diagnosis, evaluation and management of young people with single ventricle heart conditions.

Who we are

We are a team of experienced cardiology consultants and clinical nurse specialists who look after children with single ventricle heart conditions from birth until adulthood.

About the service

If your baby has been diagnosed with a single ventricle heart defect, the Fetal Cardiology Service at GOSH will work closely with you to ensure you have support to make decisions and to plan next steps. After birth, infants with single ventricle circulation require complex treatment and a series of surgeries to change the blood flow through the heart.

The period between the first and second surgeries (known as the 'Interstage Period') is when these babies are most vulnerable. The Single Ventricle Service Home Monitoring Programme was developed to care for these children after their first operation, in order to keep them as safe as possible in hospital or at home as they await their second surgery.

Following the third operation ('Fontan circulation'), the Single Ventricle Service provides ongoing treatment and care with the aim of improving quality of life for children with single ventricle physiology. The team works closely with the Cardiac Transition Team to ensure your child feels prepared and equipped to move from paediatric services to adult cardiology care.