Publications and reports

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) publishes various corporate documents including an annual report and patient and staff surveys.

Our publications include:

GOSH Constitution 2022 (885.84 KB)

Standing Orders for the Practice and Procedure of the Trust Board

For further information on these publications or for general information on our full range of publications please email our Freedom of Information team

Declaration required by general condition 6 of the NHS provider Licence

Following a review for the purpose of paragraph 2(b) of licence condition G6, the Directors of the Licensee are satisfied that, in the Financial Year most recently ended, the Licensee took all such precautions as were necessary in order to comply with the conditions of the licence, any requirements imposed on it under the NHS Acts and have had regard to the NHS Constitution.

Signed on behalf of the board of directors, and having regard to the views of the governors, by Mr Matthew Shaw, Chief Executive Officer and Sir Michael Rake, Chair on 25 May 2022.

The Care Quality Commission inspection report 2020

The Care Quality Commission (CQC), the independent regulator of health and social care in England, visited GOSH in October and November 2019 as part of its rolling schedule of inspections.

The CQC’s inspection report available on the CQC website was published in January 2020.

Learning from Deaths Policy

Death in childhood is a rare event. Whenever a child dies, it is important to reflect and to learn if anything could be done differently in the future. The National Guidance on Learning from Deaths requires Trusts to have a policy for reviewing and learning from deaths.

Please find attached the GOSH interim policy that outlines the current and established processes for learning from deaths at GOSH. This policy will be added to and reviewed once statutory guidance on how child death reviews should take place is published by the UK government.

Learning from Deaths Policy 2019 (499.1 KB)

Sustainable development management plan objectives

This is a summary of our 2020-2023 Sustainable Development Management Plan (now Green Plan) objectives. Since publication GOSH has declared a climate & health emergency and is working towards meeting Net Zero emissions targets. We are therefore in the process of devising an updated Green Plan to meet these new commitments covering 2023 to 2026.

Sustainable development management plan objectives

Access GOSH and Global Action Plan's Clean Air Hospital Framework, which was launched in 2019. See our news story for full details.

And for more detail on air pollution, access Global Action Plan's Clean Air Hub.

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