Staff surveys

As a Trust we want to make GOSH a great place to work for everyone. So it’s important we understand more about the experiences of our staff and how we can work together to achieve this ambition.

We ask staff for their feedback through a range of channels, including as part of the NHS Annual Staff Survey – one of the largest independent workforce surveys in the world. This is an important opportunity to ask our staff about their experience of working at GOSH and what they think we do well and areas where we need to improve. At GOSH this is our third consecutive year taking part in a full Trust-wide staff survey.

We publicise the final results to all our staff and develop action plans in response which are discussed with our Board and across the organisation.

2021 NHS Staff Survey

The results of the 2021 NHS Staff Survey have been published. Staff responded to the survey during October and November 2021. The survey included questions on culture, leadership, reward and recognition, equity and diversity, health and safety and work life balance.

View the results for NHS Trusts. These results were published on Wednesday 30 March 2022.

View the report for GOSH as a whole.

Overall, the results show that we’ve made really good progress and have performed well relative to our peers. While there’s still work to do, we’ve got plans in place to tackle those areas together.

Read a summary of the headline results:

  • 52.3% of our staff took part in the survey. This is slightly lower than the average for trusts across the country which was 54% this year.
  • The survey was new and shorter this time around, with questions shaped around the NHS People Promise, which means we don’t have direct comparators for some of the questions.
  • Compared to other Acute Trusts, we performed at average for four themes and slightly below average for five themes
  • We are above average across all the questions related to learning and development and particularly high regarding offering challenging work (74.1%) and opportunities to improve my knowledge and skills (70.2)
  • We’re really pleased to see that we are above average for the respect we receive from colleagues at work (71.8%) and we have continued the improvement in managers encouraging staff at work (74.7% this year, 73.6% last year).
  • There is always room for further improvement and the results also show that after another challenging year, we need to do more on health and wellbeing. The good news is that our mind, body and soul framework will help us provide even more support to our staff to support their health and wellbeing.

As a Trust we are committed to making GOSH a great place to work for everyone and will invest in the wellbeing and development of our people. This is a core aspect of our Above and Beyond strategy.