Decision making, consultation and involvement

Standing Orders and Scheme of Delegation

The Board of Directors Standing Orders detail the composition of the Trust Board and the function and operation of the Board and its committees.

The Members' Council Standing Orders detail the composition of the Council and its function and operation.

The Scheme of Delegation details matters on which decisions are reserved to the Trust Board and its committees and those which are delegated to the Executive team and appropriate officers and managers.


Our children and their families are at the heart of everything we do, and so it is only right that we should consult with them on any planned changes to our hospital and the services we offer. We also consult with others that are interested in our work.

Foundation Trust

Great Ormond Street Hospital is a membership organisation called a Foundation Trust. Our members include patients and their families and carers, the general public and staff.

They are involved in all sorts of activities, such as taking part in online surveys and joining discussions on how hospital services could be developed. 

Read about membership and how you can get involved including GOSH's Council of Governors. 

Young People's Forum

The hospital also has a Young People's Forum (YPF) which helps to make GOSH better for teenagers.