Our building programme

ZCR building viewed from  Guilford Street

GOSH has been constantly evolving since it opened in a Georgian townhouse on Great Ormond Street in 1852 and is now more than halfway through an ambitious redevelopment programme (GOSH Masterplan 2015) to rebuild two-thirds of the hospital site. Upgrading our estate allows us to offer world-class treatment to more children. It also means we can care for them and their families in safer, more comfortable environments with new facilities appropriate for world-class paediatric care and research.

Recently we celebrated the opening of The Zayed Centre for Research into Rare Disease in Children, and welcomed the first outpatients through its doors for treatment. The purpose-built Zayed Centre for Research brings together pioneering research and clinical care under one roof in a world-first that will help to drive forward new treatments and cures for seriously ill children from across the UK and international patients. The new facility has been built on Guilford Street, next to Great Ormond Street Hospital and UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health in London.

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Current and future redevelopment plans

We are constructing a three-storey building adjacent to our theatres in the centre of our site for a new iMRI suite and rehabilitation gym (the Southwood Courtyard Building).

We are creating a new Sight & Sound facility by refurbishing the Italian Hospital on the corner of Queen Square for outpatients and day cases.

The next phase of the GOSH Masterplan will redevelop the frontage and main entrance of the hospital on Great Ormond Street itself and deliver a new clinical building for specialist children’s cancer care. Construction is expected to begin in 2022.

Community engagement

GOSH’s ambitious redevelopment plan aims to create inspiring spaces which deliver best possible outcomes and safest, most effective care for our patients.

Close dialogue with staff, patients and families is key to our approach.

More broadly, a key consideration is the impact of our presence on the local neighbourhood and community spaces. We are committed to close dialogue with relevant community stakeholders to ensure their voices are heard during the consultation processes. This includes ongoing attention with Camden Council to the public realm impacts and improvements which our redevelopment plans can bring for the benefit of the local infrastructure and neighbourhood.

Together with the project stakeholders we offer a number of ways in which our neighbours can share their inputs. To engage with us regarding our future plans, email us at CCC@gosh.nhs.uk


Our redevelopment programme is supported by the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.