Clinics and wards used by the Haematology and Oncology department

Callum and nurse

The Haematology and Oncology department at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) operates across two wards and one Day Care Unit with an Outpatient department.

Lion and Elephant Wards

Lion Ward and Elephant Ward are located on Level 6 of the Variety Club Building (VCB) and comprise 31 single cubicles, each with an en-suite shower and toilet to provide privacy and to isolate patients in the event of minor infections.

Three cubicles will take priority for high-dependency patients such as babies on high-dose therapy.

Safari daycare and outpatients

Daycare facilities are provided on a dedicated paediatric haematology/oncology facility.

Safari Daycare is located on Level 9, wings B, C, D and E of the Southwood Building. Outpatient chemotherapy is delivered in Safari Daycare which is configured as four distinct areas:

  • Outpatient zone with a reception (where families will register into clinic), a waiting/play area, six consulting rooms, a height/weight room and a phlebotomy room.
  • Daycare zone with one room capable of source isolation, three lots of four-bed bays for day cases and play room.
  • Procedure area zone with one procedure room with medical gas facilities, two immediate recovery spaces, second stage recovery with four bed spaces and a dirty utility room. Dedicated for patients attending for procedures or invasive investigations, not accessed by any other patients on those days.
  • Treatment area zone with two single rooms with en-suite toilets that will facilitate source isolation, two double and two single treatment rooms, waiting area for children pre-procedure and a height and weight room.

Outpatient clinics

The below clinics take place weekly, unless otherwise stated.


Dr Gains, Dr Hargrave, Dr Jorgensen, Dr Slater, R Tulloh (Nurse Practitioner)

Neuro-oncology (fortnightly)
R Tulloh (Nurse Practitioner)


Dr Ancliff, Dr Cheng, Dr Pavasovic, Dr Sibson

Langerhan's cell histiocytosis (monthly)
Dr Nanduri

Growth (monthly)
Dr Rao

Oncology, Haematology and BMT long term follow-up (monthly)
Dr Slater, Dr Duncan, Dr Riley, V Crowe (Clinical Nurse Specialist)


Bone Marrow Transplant 
Dr Veys, Clinical Nurse Specialist

Dr Ghara, Dr O'Connor

Off Treatment Leukemia (monthly)
Haematology nurse practitioner

Dr Anderson, Dr Barone, Dr Duncan, Dr Gaze


Dr Rao, Dr Samarasinghe, Dr Sibson (once every three months)

Retinoblatoma (fortnightly)
Dr Duncan