Audio transcript of Haematology and Oncology video

Below is the audio transcription of the video about the Haematology and Oncology department at Great Ormond Street Hospital. The video is also available to watch on YouTube.

Narration: The Haematology and Oncology department at Great Ormond Street Hospital provides tertiary cancer care for children diagnosed with malignant and non-malignant conditions. The department operates as a unified cancer centre with University College Hospital London and together we form one of the largest paediatric and adolescent oncology centres in Europe, treating around 28 per cent of UK childhood cancer cases.

Care is provided in the Reuben Foundation children’s cancer centre and the clinical service is supported by exceptional translational research taking place in the adjoining laboratories.

Many national and international studies and protocols in paediatric cancer are led by Great Ormond Street Hospital staff. For the five per cent of children with the most common form of leukaemia who don’t respond to conventional treatments, we’ve launched the world’s first trial of gene therapy to reprogramme children’s immune systems with the ability to recognise and attack leukaemia cells.