Conditions treated by the Haematology and Oncology department

The Haematology and Oncology department at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) provides a comprehensive service for the diagnosis and management of childhood leukaemia and solid tumours.


  • acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

  • acute myeloid leukaemia

  • chronic myelogenous leukaemia

  • juvenile myelomonocytic leukaemia

  • non Hodgkin's lymphoma

  • hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis 


  • Ewing's sarcoma

  • hepatoblastoma

  • nephroblastoma
  • neuroblastoma

  • retinoblastoma

  • rhabdomyosarcoma and other soft tissue sarcomas

  • germ cell tumours
  • langerhans cell histiocytosis
  • many other rare tumour types


  • astrocytoma

  • ependymoma

  • glioma

  • medulloblastoma