Membership Strategy

Our new membership strategy has landed!

We’ve launched our new strategy and we’re excited to share our plans with you. The strategy aims to build a supportive community of members with shared experiences, no matter their background or experience, so that they feel connected to GOSH and are empowered to make a difference at GOSH.

The new strategy run will from 2022 until 2025 with the following new key themes and the following aims:


How we use the information our members provide us with so that we can equip them with the knowledge they need to be strong ambassadors for GOSH


Ensuring our membership is truly reflective of the different families, communities, and staff we serve, in particular our young people.


Tying into the Trust’s wider sustainability agenda and taking meaningful steps so we can make sure that we are protecting the environment for generations to come.

The underpinning element to be highlighted across all three themes is the need for digital innovation and connectivity which in recent times has proven to be a necessity considering the global pandemic.

2022-2025 GOSH Membership Strategy Front cover

2022 - 2025 Membership Strategy

2022-2025 GOSH Activity Plan Front cover

2022 - 2025 Membership Activity Plan

2022-2025 GOSH Membership Strategy on a Page Front cover

2022 - 2025 Membership Strategy on a Page