Council of Governors' Elections 2023 to 2024

Our elections have now been completed and new Governors who will represent our members and the constituencies they come from, has been chosen. Official appointments commenced on 1 March 2024.

Welcome to our new elected Governors:

  • Lara Ingham (Patient from London)
  • Sameera Kamran (Patient from London)
  • Rhienna Morar (Patient Rest of England and Wales)
  • Laurence Hasson (Staff)
  • Ruth Stalker Firth (Parent/Carer London)
  • Gemma Edrooke (Parent/Carer Rest of England and Wales)
  • Mary Rose Thomson (Public GOSH London)
  • Joshua Street (Public London)
  • Ros Robertson (Rest of England and Wales).

Council of Governor Elections 2024/25

The next Council of Governors will open in November 2024 for the following seats:

  • Parent/Carer from London
  • Parent/Carer from the Home Counties
  • Two Patients from Home Counties
  • Patient from London
  • Public from Home Counties
  • Two Staff

Please contact the Corporate Affairs team for more information: