Council of Governors’ Elections 2021/22

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Our elections have now been completed and a new Council of Governors, who will represent our members and the constituencies they come from, has been chosen. Official appointments will commence on Monday 1 March 2021.

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At GOSH, to become a Governor is to use your experience, whether it be as a patient, parent/career, or staff member, to uplift the hospital's future.

We want to hear your opinions, feedback, and advice. We want to move forward into the next year with a Council of Governors that continues to support our hospital's growth.

Most importantly, we want to reflect the voices of the people who benefit from GOSH and those who work within it.

Voting in the elections began Tuesday 18 January 2022 and ended on Tuesday 8 February. Please note that only confirmed members of the GOSH Membership can participate in voting.

What is the GOSH Governor Elections?

The elections are for a seat on our Council of Governors who ensure that the right questions are being asked. Our Governors act as the voice for GOSH membership members, conveying their opinions and feedback to the Trusts Non-Executive directors.

If you are a part of our GOSH Membership, you can take the next step to make an even greater difference by applying to become a Governor. Although nominations are currently closed, we hold elections for several seats annually so please check back regularly to see if seats in your constituency are up for election.

What are the key dates for the GOSH Governor Elections?

Key dates for the GOSH Governor Elections
Stage Date
Trust to send nomination material to election provider 29 October 2021
Notice of Election / nomination open 09 November 2021
Nominations deadline/Close 07 December 2021
Summary of valid nominated candidates published 08 December 2021
Final date for candidate withdrawal 10 December 2021
Electoral data to be provided by Trust 13 December 2021
Notice of Poll published 10 January 2022
Voting packs dispatched/Elections Open 18 January 2022
Close of election 08 February 2022
Declaration of results 09 February 2022

See the available GOSH Governor positions/seats:

The available GOSH Governor positions/seats:
Patients and Carers:
Parent/Carer from London
Patients and Carers:
Parent/Carer from London
Patients and Carers:
Parent/Carer from the Home Counties
Patients from Rest of
England and Wales
Patients from Home
Patients from Home
Patients from London
Patients from London
Public: London
Public: Home Counties

What is it like to be a governor?

Wondering what the benefits are to becoming a Governor at Great Ormond Street Hospital? Here's what Margaret, one of our staff Governors, has to say.

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Please contact the Stakeholder Engagement Manager directly if you have any questions or would like more information about the elections.

Explained: The role of a Governor

What does a GOSH Governor role entail?

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