Women's Forum

"As women, we are the catalysts of a cultural movement towards social good. Our voices, questions, and choices are collectively setting the course for the world in which we live and love." (The Good Trade).

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The Women’s Forum aims to improve the working lives of everyone at GOSH. We believe equality benefits everyone. Our mission is to facilitate discussion within the organisation so that we can address topics affecting women both at work and in their personal lives. By acting as a sounding board, our aim is to bring our collective voices together so that they can be heard. We aim to be a catalyst for change and improve the experience of women working at GOSH.

We are working on our goals for 2022. If you have any thoughts or suggestions please get in touch!

Board Members

  • Chair: Lisa Mennie
  • Vice-Chair: Helana Scott
  • Engagement Officer: Adetutu Emmanuel
  • Communications Officer: Esther Ichanghai
  • Events Officer: Kate Plunkett-Reed
  • Membership Liaison Officer: Lily Phomsouvanh

Executive Sponsor: Tracy Luckett

Contact us

If you are a member of staff, we’d love for you to join us so please send an email to Womens.Forum@gosh.nhs.uk to get involved. ​

You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram @GOSH_Women.