The REACH (Race, Ethnicity and Cultural Heritage) Network

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The REACH (Race, Ethnicity and Cultural Heritage) Network at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) was launched in October 2018.

The network's purpose is to 'empower Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic colleagues to achieve their potential through creating a positive change and cultural shift in the Trust'.

Our aims

  • To provide Black, Asian and ethnic staff groups with a united and identifiable voice on key issues and highlight the needs and experiences of Black, Asian and ethnic staff groups with key decision makers.
  • To assist the Trust in meeting its statutory obligations by providing feedback on policies in relation to the Equality Act 2010, as well as supporting the Trust in addressing issues highlighted in the Workplace Race Equality Standards (WRES) and assisting in supporting the delivery of relevant Equality Objectives.
  • To assist in the identification of training needs, advise on the provision of courses to meet those needs, and on the content of courses with equality and diversity implications as they relate to Black, Asian and ethnic staff groups.
  • To provide a platform for staff to raise their concerns, in a safe and confidential environment with an aim to identify practical solutions.
  • To help establish a programme of activities and events to celebrate our shared cultures and history and learn about those different to our own, respecting and appreciating diversity within the Trust.
  • To establish links with other NHS Black, Asian and ethnic global majority networks and like-minded organisations with common aims.

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