Refer a patient to the Ophthamology department

This page includes information about how to refer a patient to the Ophthamology department at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). Please see our admission criteria for information about the diagnoses treated by the Ophthalmology department at GOSH.

How to refer a patient

For an outpatient appointment

As a tertiary care hospital, all children who attend Great Ormond Street Hospital must be referred via local hospital consultants, community paediatricians or in certain circumstances via a GP.

To make a referral to the Opthalmology department, please write to the relevant consultant and service at the following address:

Department of Ophthalmology
Great Ormond Street Hospital
Great Ormond Street

Inter hospital transfer

Please contact the Ophthamology department directly on telephone number 020 7405 9200 if the transfer is an emergency (patients that need life or limb saving treatment at GOSH within a few hours), or urgent (patients that need transfer to GOSH but not in the emergency category).

Each case must be discussed with the ophthalmologist before arranging transfer of any patients.

Acceptance is at the discretion of the consultant ophthalmologist on call and the consultant will need as much information regarding the child’s condition, including past and current treatment.

How to get advice

For patients known to GOSH

For urgent clinical advice about a patient known to our department, please contact the GOSH switchboard on 020 7405 9200 and ask for the on-call Ophthalmology consultant.

If your query is not urgent, please contact the Ophthalmology Secretariat and your query will be directed to the most appropriate person: 020 7405 9200 ext 8651/5089/8524/5818/0145.

For patients not known to GOSH

In the first instance contact the Ophthalmology secretariat who will be able to direct the query to the appropriate speciality: 020 7405 9200 ext 8651/5089/8524/5818/0145.

Services and facilities available

The Ophthalmology department at Great Ormond Street Hospital offers the full scope of services for paediatric patients with ophthalmologic problems.

We provide tertiary level ophthalmic care for children from birth to 16 years.

Our goals are to provide an environment of clinical excellence in the care of eye diseases and a foundation of basic research to support that challenge.

The Ophthalmology department at GOSH treats children with:

  • paediatric cataract
  • paediatric glaucoma
  • anterior segment developmental anomalies
  • craniofacial anomalies
  • albinism
  • genetic retinal disease
  • uveitis
  • neuro-ophthalmology

The Ophthalmology department is able to provide a comprehensive electrophysiology service.

Available tests include pattern and flash visual evoked potentials, pattern and flash electro-retinogram and full ISCEV ERG protocol.

The latest Spectralis cameras are used to obtain OCT and fundus images, including red free and auto-fluorescence.

The Optometry department provides highly specialised contact lens fitting in children from birth upwards.

The department provides a comprehensive orthoptic service which is able to offer visual acuity assessment from birth upwards and full diagnostic strabismus and ocular movement assessment.

Visual field assessment using both static and kinetic perimetry is also offered.

The department has two dedicated eye clinic liaison officers who offer advice regarding visual impairment registration, disability living allowance and educational advice. They also provide practical and emotional support for families visiting the department.