Meet the Ophthalmology team

Key members of the Ophthalmology department include:

Administrative Team

Claire Wood - Medical Personal Assistant

Hannah Cresswell  - Medical Personal Assistant

Abdulaziz Fatah  - Medical Personal Assistant

Lynn Anastasi  - Medical Personal Assistant

Leticia Bentil  - Medical Administrative Assistant

Paula Thomas
Eye Clinic Liason Officer (ECLO)

Consultant ophthalmic surgeons

Dr Yassir Abou-Rayyah
Oculoplastic, Lacrimal & Orbital Surgery

Miss Gill Adams (Hon)
Retinopathy of Prematurity and Non Accidental Injury

Mr Richard Bowman
General and Neuro-ophthalmology

Mr John Brooks

Mr Clive Edelsten (Hon)
Inflammatory Eye Disease

Mr Rob Henderson
Vitreoretinal / Medical Retina and Genetic Eye Disease

Professor Ian Christopher Lloyd 
General, Anterior Segment and Genetic Eye Disease

Mr Will Moore
General and Anterior Segment

Ms Vasiliki Pantelli
General and Neuro-ophthalmology

Mr Harry Petrushkin (Hon)
Inflammatory Eye Disease

Professor Jugnoo Rahi (Hon)
General and Epidemiology

Ms Ameenat Lola Solebo (Hon)
General, Epidemiology and Inflammatory Eye Disease

Mr Chien Wong

Mr Chetan Patel (Hon)

Mr Ashwin Reddy (Hon)

Vision Science, The Tony Kriss Visual Electrophysiology Unit Team

Dr Dorothy Thompson
Consultant Clinical Electrophysiologist

Sian HandleySpecialist Clinical Scientist, Visual Electrophysiology and Eye Movements

Oliver MarmoySpecialist Clinical Scientist, Visual Electrophysiology and Imaging

Vision Scientists: 

Katrina Prise

Victoria Reynolds

Dominique Versace

Ajeeta Patel

Charlotte Blackwell

OVS STP trainees

Emily O'Neill

Linda Shi


Lynne Speedwell - Head of Optometry

Specialist Optometrists:

Saira Akbarali

Joanne Randeree

Stephanie Figg

Shafquet Mohamed

Emily Searle

Reshma Pattani

Raimonda Bullaj (Research Optometrist)

Specialist Dispensing Opticians

Jessica Gowing (Senior DO)

Rosemary Wilson

Rachel Howitt


Bronwen Walters - Head Orthoptist

Specialist Orthoptists:

Sian Handley

Nakita Tanwar

Roopen Kukadia

Brenda Taylor

Rachel Wells

Samantha Hollis

Sally Fung

Sarah Cornelius

Ayeesha Vithlani