Outpatient clinics and referral information

Our team is involved in a number of outpatient clinics: Complex care clinics; Specialist Clinics; Spinal Pathway and those supporting other teams with perplexing illnesses. Learn more about the clinics and referral information by clicking the rows below. 

Complex Care clinic

The General Paediatric team runs twice monthly complex care clinics for children and young people who have multiple health problems requiring specialist input from multiple teams both here at GOSH and locally. They are on the first and third Wednesday of the month.

The purpose of the clinic is to provide a comprehensive family-centered overview of the child’s or young person’s needs, assist with the co-ordination of their care  and liaise with all specialists involved in the child's or young person's care. This is to help optimise their care and limit the number of hospital visits required.

Referral Criteria

  • Internal referrals of patients under at least one surgical specialty with additional medical problems External referrals of patients who fit the above criteria will be considered individually
  • New patients (likely to be under one year of age) on a surgical ward who are identified as having additional medical problems and require a one off appointment to ensure that referrals to appropriate specialist services at GOSH and a local paediatrician are being made

General Paediatric Consultants

Dr. Imke Meyer-Parsonson

How to refer:

Refer via EPIC. If the lead team would like to have a discussion prior to referring a patient or have some advice, please contact Dr. Imke Meyer- Parsonson or discuss with the attending consultant on bleep 0012.

22q11 Deletion Syndrome Clinic

The 22q11 Deletion Syndrome Clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic led by the General Paediatric Team. Members of the team include Consultant General Paediatricians, Consultant Paediatric Immunologist, Specialist Speech and Language therapists, Consultant Psychiatrists and Psychologists. The clinic is designed to ensure every child and young person with 22q11 Deletion syndrome receives appropriate care and long term follow up.

The clinics are monthly on the forth Monday of the month. We aim to see children at diagnosis and then at important milestones in their childhood, including transitioning to adult health care. This is important because the needs of children and young people with 22q11 Deletion syndrome can change over time.

Referral Criteria

Children and young adults with 22q11 Deletion syndrome (please include genetic, immunology and other investigations in the referral letter)

General Paediatric Consultants

Dr. Imke Meyer-Parsonson

How to refer

Please refer either by EPIC (internal referral) or by letter

Dr. Imke Meyer Parsonson,

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust

55 Great Ormond Street level 2,

General Paediatric office,
Great Ormond Street
London WC1N 3JH

General Paediatric Cleft Clinic

The General Paediatric Cleft Clinic provides general paediatric care for children with confirmed cleft lip and/or palate already under the care of the Cleft Team at GOSH. Multidisciplinary clinics are held twice weekly on a Monday afternoon and Friday morning.

Referral Criteria

Children with cleft lip and/or palate already under the care of the Cleft Team at GOSH

General Paediatric Consultant

Dr. Roshni Gohil, Dr. Deborah Zeitlin

How to refer

Please refer to the cleft team

Musculoskeletal Pain Clinic

This is a weekly non-inflammatory multidisciplinary clinic on a Friday for children aged five to 14 years with musculoskeletal pain. Patients should already be under the care of a local paediatrician.

Referral Criteria

  • Ongoing non-inflammatory musculoskeletal pain
  • Under the care of a paediatrician
General Paediatric Consultant

Dr Nick Lessof

How to refer

Please refer to the rheumatology team

Child and Adolescent Mental Health General Paediatric Clinic

The child and adolescent health mental health clinic provides medical support to patients with existing or suspected mental health conditions. Children and young people with feeding and eating disorders, autistic spectrum disorder and learning difficulties are examples of patients seen in the clinic. In addition, referrals for assessment of children and young people with possible medically unexplained presentations are accepted.

Referral Criteria

Referrals are accepted from both paediatric and mental health teams within and outside GOSH. These can include:

  • Children and young people with existing or suspected mental health diagnoses needing general medical input into their care
  • Children and young people who have an overlap between possible medical or psychological problems, with unclear (perplexing or medically unexplained presentations)
  • In particular children and young people with feeding and eating disorders who have physical complications needing further assessment and possible intervention around issues such as growth, pubertal development and bone mineral density.
  • Dr Hudson welcomes informal discussions from referrers about cases and suitability for referral, via the usual referral pathway.
  • Advice can also be provided to health professionals about the acute management of severely underweight children and young people with eating disorders who are either inpatient or outpatient.
General Paediatric Consultant  

Dr Lee Hudson

How to refer
Dr. Hudson
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust 55
Great Ormond Street level 2
General Paediatric office
Great Ormond Street London WC1N 3JH

LIGMOT- Lower GI dysmotility clinic

This is a multi-disciplinary, Lower GI Dysmotility, (LIGMOT) clinic. The team review children with chronic constipation , unresponsive to optimum conventional therapy over a minimum period of 6months-1 year. The LIGMOT clinic involves a multi-disciplinary team that consists of a specialist Gastroenterology Psychologist, Specialist Dietician, Gastroenterology Clinical Nurse specialist and a Consultant in General Paediatrics.  The team work closely with the Gastroenterology Team to establish the need for further intervention and offer the necessary individualised management.

Referral Criteria

The child is referred from the local tertiary centre and would already have undergone standard therapy and dietary input as advised by the NICE and ESPGHAN Guidelines. The referral information is discussed by a multi-disciplinary team before being accepted to LIGMOT.

General Paediatric Consultant  

Dr. Doris Abomeli

How to refer

Please refer to Dr. Borrelli (Paediatric Gastroenterologist) LIGMOT clinic, Gastroenterology department or click link for more information:

Spinal Paediatric clinic- as part of Spinal Pathway.

This is a paediatric clinic that reviews patients as part of the spinal pathway. The general paediatrician looks holistically at the patients holistic needs and priorities. This review is conducted on the same day as multiple other MDT reviews and investigations. This review forms an important part of an MDT collective discussion regarding the suitability and priorities for the patient being considered for spinal surgery.

General Paediatric Consultant  

Dr. Imke Meyer Parsonson, Dr. Sian Pincott

How to refer

Please refer directly to the spinal team.