About the General Paediatric Team

We are an enthusiastic and friendly team of General Paediatric Consultants based at Great Ormond Street (GOSH). We provide general medical and safeguarding support for in/out patients across the whole trust. We aim to improve the holistic care for children, young people and their families by supporting the lead teams with their care.

Inpatient Care

  • Our consultant team welcomes referrals from all specialty teams within the hospital that require general paediatric input for their patients.
  • If teams are unsure whether a problem requires general paediatric input or sub-specialty input, the General Paediatric Team is happy to discuss the management of these patients, review them if appropriate and/or give advice on referral to other specialties as needed.
  • The General Paediatric Team consults on a range of issues including acute illness, nutrition, neonatal care, growth and development, as well as specific issues around safeguarding. Many of our referrals come from surgical and mental health specialties. However, we are available to provide general paediatric input into the holistic care of all patients across the Trust irrespective of which specialty they are under.
  • A consultant member of our team conducts a ward round for all spinal surgery inpatients daily. We provide pre- and post-operative medical input (including HDU) into the care of children undergoing spinal surgery within the Trust.
  • We also provide general paediatric input into the management of neurosurgical patients.
  • Twice a week on Mondays and Fridays mornings a member of the team reviews neonates admitted under the care of general surgery and urology.
  • At the request of teams, we consult on patients across the hospital. We continue to follow up these patients during the course of their inpatient stay or until general paediatric input is no longer required.
  • We are also available for involvement in Multi-Disciplinary Team meetings for children and young adults with complex problems, to contribute general paediatric input and support liaison with local services.
  • Members of the General Paediatric Team are also responsible for overseeing the medical treatment of patients admitted to the International Private Patients. General Paediatric cover is provided by the attending General Paediatric Consultant on weekday evenings and Saturday mornings. The team also attends the IPP weekly grand rounds and supports the educational supervision of IPP fellows.
  • Our team supports and provides training for medical, nursing and other health professionals within the hospital.
  • We  provide safeguarding support during the day and on an oncall rota overnight
  • We are involved with quality improvement work across the trust.
  • A consultant member of the general paediatric team attends handover at 1730 in conjunction with the Clinical Site Practitioners and surgical teams.

Outpatient Care

Our team runs a number of different outpatient clinics which can be divided into: Complex care clinics; Specialist Clinics; Spinal Pathway and those supporting other teams with perplexing illnesses.

Learn more about the outpatient clinics and referral information for each.