Conditions managed by the General Paediatric Team

The team provides general paediatric medical input to patients across the hospital to support and improve holistic care for children and young people at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Important aspects of care that we are involved with include:

  • Growth and development
  • Nutrition and hydration
  • Acute medical complications – such as acute asthma, rashes and infections
  • Deteriorating patients
  • Common paediatric problems – failure to thrive, eczema, anaemia
  • Medical complications of mental health problems
  • Comprehensive assessment and liaison around patients with multiple complex problems
  • Safeguarding advice and review in conjunction with the lead team
  • Unexplained medical presentations and perplexing illnesses
  • MDT
  • Advising on sub speciality input
  • Support of trainees and allied health professionals at ward level
  • Working with the clinical site practitioner to ensure safe, high quality care of the sickest patients on the wards and ensuring these are appropriately flagged at 1730 surgical handover.