Our vision as an independent NHS Foundation Trust

Vision and strategy: the child first and always

Our mission:

  • To deliver world-class clinical care to the children we treat.
  • To undertake innovative research that will lead to new and improved treatments for children everywhere.
  • To share our expertise through education and the training of children’s healthcare professionals so that more children benefit from our work.
To achieve this aim we have a set of specific objectives:

  • Consistently deliver clinical outcomes that place us amongst the top five children's hospitals in the world.
  • Consistently deliver an excellent experience that exceeds our patient, family and referrers' expectations.
  • Successfully deliver our clinical growth strategy.
  • With the UCL Institute of Child Health and UCL Partners, maintain and develop our position as the UK's top children's research organisation.
  • To work with our academic partners to ensure that we are the provider of choice for specialist paediatric education and training in the UK.
  • Deliver a financially stable organisation.
  • Ensure corporate support processes are developed and strengthened in line with the changing needs of the organisation.

Now we are an NHS Foundation Trust

As an NHS Foundation Trust, the hospital is able retain its independence and protect our exclusive focus on children’s healthcare needs.

We can also deliver better care for children and their families, and increase the number of children we can help at Great Ormond Street Hospital, in the UK and across the world. Furthermore, we recognise additional benefits for our families that arise from our Foundation Trust status:

  • As a membership organisation we work with key stakeholders and actively seek their views in new ways. This happens formally through our Council of Governors, where we seek to actively involve young people and their families in our decision making.
  • Greater financial flexibility allows us to seek wider funding options for our work and support our mission to deliver world-class and pioneering clinical care and research and to collaborate with others to share that knowledge.
  • The increased freedom that comes with Foundation Trust status allows us to investigate how we can meet wider public health objectives – specifically around childhood illnesses and overall child health.
As a Foundation Trust we remain an NHS hospital, employing NHS staff, and are paid by the NHS to treat patients free at the point of care.