Clinical Outcomes

Clinical outcomes are broadly agreed, measurable changes in health or quality of life that result from our care. They are primarily measures of treatment effectiveness. However, clinical outcomes may also comprise other elements that can impact treatment effectiveness, such as safety and efficiency.

Clinical outcomes data are captured in many different ways, usually by healthcare professionals. In addition, Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) are used to include the measurement of clinical outcome from the patient’s (and/or their family’s) perspective.

About the GOSH Clinical Outcomes Programme

The GOSH Clinical Outcomes Programme was established in 2010 and its aims are:

  • Robust clinical outcome measures identified in each specialty 
  • Consistent and accurate data collection against these measures 
  • Robust analysis of outcomes data 
  • Availability of specialties' outcomes on the intranet for greater internal visibility 
  • Publication of outcomes to the Trust website for public visibility 
  • Benchmarking of outcomes, nationally and internationally, with other paediatric centres of excellence 

All of these aims lead to one overarching mission: continuous improvement of our clinical care. This is a key part of our Trust strategy, Fulfilling Our Potential: ‘We will achieve the best possible outcomes through providing the safest, most effective and efficient care.’

For more information, email Azizah Rashid, Clinical Outcomes Manager.