Countering fraud

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is committed to combating NHS fraud. From 1 April 2019, Grant Thornton was appointed as the new counter fraud provider for the Trust. Grant Thornton is here to help and offer advice and embed an anti-fraud culture designed to prevent and detect fraud and corruption within the Trust. ​

The Local Counter Fraud Specialists (LCFSs) cannot work alone and relies on your support in combating fraud and corruption in the NHS. All staff have a responsibility to protect the assets of your Trust.

It is the responsibility of each member of staff to report any suspicions to the LCFS as soon as possible. Do not mention your concerns to anyone else.

Our nominated LCFS:

Additional contacts:

Helen Jameson
Chief Finance Officer
Landline: 0207 405 9200 or Ext. 8364

Suki Pooni
Phone: 020 7184 4301
Mobile: 07768 042 591​​

Last reviewed by Great Ormond Street Hospital: May 2022.