About the Speech and Language Therapy department

Speech and Language Therapists work nationally with children and young people who have difficulties with their communication and feeding.

Communication difficulties include problems with speech, voice, their understanding and expression of language and social communication.

Some children have communication and feeding difficulties as part of a condition/syndrome that they are born with, or acquire, such as trauma.

The Speech and Language Therapy team at GOSH provide a high quality, specialist, assessment, diagnostic and treatment service for children with complex conditions. We work closely with children and their families to achieve the best possible outcomes.

We work within multi-disciplinary teams, which may include professionals such as: doctors, psychologists, teachers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dieticians and social workers. We also work closely with our colleagues in the community to ensure joined up care for the children we see.

If your child requires specialist input for their communication or eating and drinking, we can see them during their in-patient stay or in an out-patient appointment. Our Speech and Language Therapists work in the following specialties: