Inpatient admissions

Sometimes, children and young people need to come to GOSH for the day or longer, for monitoring, tests or a procedure, such as an operation. Here’s lots of information to help you get ready.

Our latest visitor guidance

Discover how we are welcoming more friends and family into the hospital and read the important safeguards which remain.

What to bring

See our list of essential things to bring ahead of your stay. 

When you arrive

Find out what to what to expect when you arrive at GOSH for a planned admission. 

Daily routines

Find out what to expect day-to-day on the ward.

Coping with a hospital stay, operation or procedure

Read our ideas to help make a hospital visit seem less daunting for children.

Consent – agreeing to have treatment and anaesthesia

There are various ways you can give your consent and different circumstances in which we will ask you. 

Having an anaesthetic or sedation

If anaesthetic or sedation is planned for your child’s stay, here's what you need to know about it.

Having a test or scan

Learn what to expect when you come in for a test or scan. 

Travelling to GOSH from outside London

Children and young people come to GOSH from all over the UK so may have to travel for many hours to get here. Here’s how we can help. 

Somewhere to stay

If you need somewhere to stay, here's all the information you need about our parent accommodation.