Long-stay inpatient service

The speech and language therapy (SLT) team also provide a service to children who have been inpatients for an extended stay with communication and/or feeding difficulties. Input is ward based and covers various wards across the hospital.

The SLT and SLT assistant work closely with therapists from other specialist areas within the SLT department as well as across disciplines.

The SLT will provide assessment, therapy and advice for children with complex communication and feeding difficulties. 

In order to develop each child’s communication skills, children receive direct input, such as individual programmes, or indirect input, such as training staff and family members according to the child's needs. 

Families and carers are involved in setting goals and carrying out therapy to ensure aims are integrated throughout the day and strategies are used consistently.

Alternative and augmentative communication is introduced when appropriate (Makaton signing) and communication aids (symbol books and voice out communication aids).

Following assessment and regular reviews, carers will be advised regarding techniques to use while feeding the child and recommended amounts, consistencies and utensils for oral feeding. In addition, behavioural feeding difficulties will be addressed.