About the Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care team

Regardless of whether you belong to a religious or faith community or not, members of the Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care team are here for you.

As a team, we aim to be highly visible around the hospital. A member of the chaplaincy team will visit all intensive care units each week day. We aim to visit other wards regularly.

If you would like to see a chaplain during your child’s stay at GOSH, please ask a member of staff to contact us. Alternatively, if you'd like to contact us before you visit, please visit the contact us page for details.

While we are a multi-faith team, it is not possible for us to have a chaplain representing every faith group.

However, we have links with many religious groups across London, so if we do not have a chaplain from your faith group or tradition, we will do our best to put you in touch with someone.


St Christopher’s Chapel is located on Level 2 (ground floor) of the Variety Club Building (VCB) and is open at all times for quiet and prayer. The lobby is also open if you would prefer a non-denominational area. There is an Intercessions Book where you can write a prayer. Alternatively, you can place a prayer or a name on a leaf on our Prayer Tree. It is also possible to light a candle for someone you are concerned about.

The Muslim Prayer Room is located on Level 3 of the Southwood Building. This is also open at all times.

Next door to the Muslim Prayer Room is our Quiet Reflection room which is non-denominational.

Our Shabbat Room where our Jewish families can eat, pray and relax on the Sabbath is signposted from the main Chaplaincy noticeboard. Please contact us if you need details of how to access our Shabbat Room.