Refer a patient to the Dermatology department

The Dermatology department at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) aims to provide clinical excellence in the diagnosis and care of children with skin diseases. We also support research into their causes and treatment. This page includes information on how to refer a patient to the Dermatology department at GOSH.Please also see our admission criteria for information about the diagnoses treated by the Dermatology department at GOSH.

How to refer a patient

For an outpatient appointment

As a tertiary care hospital, all children who attend GOSH must be referred via local hospital consultants, community paediatricians or in certain circumstances via a GP.

To make a referral to the Dermatology department, please email

If you require advice regarding your referral, please call or 020 7829 5231.

For urgent new potential EB referrals (if newborn presents with skin loss, skin fragility, blistering, oral mucosal involvement), please phone 020 7829 7808

For urgent out-of-hours EB referrals please contact the GOSH switchboard on 020 7405 9200 and ask for the on-call EB clinical nurse specialist or dermatology consultant.

For urgent out-of-hours referrals please contact the GOSH switchboard on 020 7405 9200 and ask for the on-call dermatology consultant.

How to get advice

For patients known to GOSH

For patients with EB or skin fragility disorders, please call 020 7829 7808

For patients of the Birthmark Unit, please call the Birthmark Unit co-ordinator via the GOSH switchboard on 020 7405 9200 and ask for extension 1113.

Patients known to the unit can also use the contact number for the clinical nurse specialist given to them at their hospital visit.

For patients not known to GOSH

Please call the GOSH switchboard on 020 7405 9200 and ask for the dermatology secretaries who will direct you to the appropriate doctor or clinical nurse specialist.

Key staff members


Nursing staff 

Services and facilities available

The department offers a broad range of services for paediatric patients with severe skin disorders.

Special areas of expertise include the diagnosis and treatment of:

  • all types of birthmarks

  • complex vascular malformations

  • eczema/dermatitis

  • psoriasis

  • ichthyosis

  • disorders of pigmentation

  • morphoea

  • proteus syndrome

  • epidermolysis bullosa

The department also hosts the National Specialist Commissioning funded epidermolysis bullosa (EB) and other skin fragility disorders service.


Some skin conditions have a distinctive appearance so no further tests are needed to reach a diagnosis. However, for other conditions, tests and scans are needed to reach a firm diagnosis. The main ones used in dermatology are as follows:

  • magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans

  • skin biopsy and diagnostic biopsy for EB service

  • ultrasound scans


  • laser treatment for vascular lesions

  • propranolol for haemangiomas of infancy

  • oral methotrexate for chronic inflammatory conditions

  • pulsed methylprednisolone for selected severe inflammatory conditions

  • azathioprine for chronic inflammatory conditions

  • wet wraps for severe eczema

  • multidisciplinary holistic management of all aspects of EB

Feedback and suggestions

All general feedback and suggestions can be directed to:

Department of Paediatric Dermatology
Level 6, Southwood Building
Great Ormond Street Hospital
Great Ormond Street
020 7813 5601

Management contacts