About the Dermatology department

Nurse Anna in office

The Dermatology department at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) offers a broad range of services for paediatric patients with severe skin disorders. Our aim is to provide an environment of clinical excellence in the diagnosis and care of children with skin diseases and to support research into their causes and treatment.

The Dermatology department sees around 4,300 children each year as outpatients. Last year, we cared for about 600 children as inpatients and 880 as day patients.


As well as our five consultants, there are two associate specialists and six clinical nurse specialists in the department.

The department also work closely with dermatologists from other hospitals in the UK and abroad, helping to increase knowledge of rare or unusual children’s skin conditions.

We carry out a great deal of research at GOSH in collaboration with the University College London Institute of Child Health.