Dietetic services

The Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Specialist Dietitians give advice on nutrition, enzymes and vitamins. We work with families from diagnosis through to transition into adulthood, focusing on your child’s individual nutritional needs at every stage of their childhood. Our role is to help your child grow and to support you and your child to manage their dietary treatment.

We are available at clinic appointments, annual review and during inpatient admissions and can be contacted by telephone between visits. We also share information with the dietitians at the network centres to update them on your child’s progress.

For babies we provide regular phone and clinic support to advise parents on feeding and enzyme dosing.

Information sheets are available from the dietitians on:

  • feeding a baby who has CF
  • weaning a baby who has CF 
During childhood we work closely with the other members of the team to provide ongoing nutritional monitoring. We regularly review dietary intake and absorption, looking at energy and nutrient requirements including vitamins and minerals. We provide education about enzyme dosing, vitamins, nutritional supplements and tube feeds. We also work with other specialties such as gastroenterology and endocrinology should your child need these services.

The following information is available from the dietitians:

  • enzymes in CF 
  • enzyme dosing in CF 
  • getting the balance right between fat intake and enzymes
  • high energy in CF 
  • vitamins in CF 
  • calcium – are you getting enough?
  • CF-related diabetes  

Contact details 

Please contact the CF office on the usual contact number (020 7762 6714).

Specific dietetic queries: 020 7405 9200, extension 5941:

  • Marie Creedon
  • Elizabeth Owen
  • Rebecca Margetts 
Last reviewed by Great Ormond Street Hospital: November 2013