Contact the Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Unit

We are very happy for you to contact the Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) CF Unit with any queries. In order that we can deal with them appropriately please use the following options:

Telephone contact

1. Normal working hours:

CF office direct line: 020 7762 6714

All telephone queries during normal working hours should be made via the CF secretary, Carol, who will direct your call to the appropriate member of the CF team. These calls are logged and will be answered at regular intervals throughout the day.

Calls which are of a more urgent medical nature will of course be answered as a matter of priority and if necessary one of the nurses or our CF Fellow will be bleeped immediately.

The mobile phones carried by our outreach staff are not for general medical enquiries and you will be requested to call back to the above number (unless it is regarding a specific outreach visit).

2. Out of hours (for urgent medical issues):

Badger Ward: 020 74059200 Ext 8813

As a specialist centre, GOSH CF Unit provides out-of-hours advice for urgent patient needs. The nature of the query will be assessed and wherever necessary the on-call respiratory doctor will be contacted and will return your call to discuss the problem.

E-mail contact

If you have a query that is not of an urgent nature you may wish to e-mail us.

We now have a generic e-mail address for the CF team (personal e-mail mailboxes will no longer receive queries). Messages sent to the above address can be accessed by all of the team and we will ensure that the appropriate member of the team gets your message. Receipt of your e-mail will be acknowledged and you should expect to receive a response to your query within two working days.

Please note that we have to be careful about the nature of information sent via e-mail due to the dangers associated with using public networks of any kind. If, however, you would prefer us to use e-mail, we can do so providing a consent form is signed. You can request one of our e-mail information sheets and consent form next time you are in clinic or by telephone.

If you ever have any concerns regarding these arrangements or any other part of the CF service please contact Ammani Prasad, CF Unit Manager, in the CF office (number above).