Children's Cancer Centre building work

We will keep this page updated so you can find out what to expect when you come to GOSH as we develop our new Cancer Centre.

Currently, we are preparing for the deconstruction of the Frontage Building and a small section at the rear of the Paul O’Gorman building to start during 2024.

Clinical services which are based in the Frontage Building are moving to new locations across the hospital estate and the Paul O'Gorman Building will also be emptied.

You will be told in advance of your appointment or inpatient stay if there are any changes you need to be aware of and updates will be shared via My GOSH.

Taking place now

Changes to our entrances on 30 Nov and 1 Dec 2023

Between 8am and 6pm on Thursday 30 November and Friday 1 December 2023, the main entrance to the hospital on Great Ormond Street will be closed and alternative entrances will need to be used.

Construction work to develop a new Children’s Cancer Centre on the site of the existing main entrance and Frontage Building is due to start in 2024. From then, everyone will need to use different entrances to get into the main hospital.

To make sure the different entrances work well, we are using them now with some groups of patients. This includes all visitors to the hospital on 30 November and 1 December 2023.

Find out more information about the temporary entrances during this time.

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell sculptures to be moved during November 2023

The Peter Pan and Tinkerbell sculptures currently situated near the main entrance will be moved and remounted before returning to the hospital. They will have a new temporary home while the CCC is being built and will return to the main entrance ready for the new facility opening.

Work in progress

Changes to the Lagoon restaurant

You may have noticed that the Lagoon Restaurant is undergoing changes in preparation for the Morgan Stanley Clinical Building entrance to be used.

The grab-and-go counters have been moved and the new transport and welcome desks are in the process of being built on the northwest side of the Lagoon.

Coming up

Changes to entrances to the hospital

The current main entrance to Great Ormond Street Hospital will close before deconstruction work starts because it is within the planned construction zone.

Patients and families will use entrances to the hospital on:

  • Guilford Street via the Morgan Stanley Clinical Building (Entrance ‘A’)
  • Princess Royal Nurses Home (Entrance ‘B’)
  • Octav Botnar Wing entrance on Guilford Place (Entrance ‘E’)

You will be sent a letter and text message reminders when the entrance closes and need to use one of the others. Appointment letters will let you know which entrance is best for you to use.

A map of Great Ormond Street and the surrounding streets, highlighting where the temporary entrances will be.

Changes to traffic routes and car parking

Great Ormond Street will become one way from east to west during the construction works. We are anticipating this change will start during summer 2024.

Patient pick-up and drop-off location will move to Guilford Street near the Morgan Stanley Clinical Building and Princess Royal Nurses home entrances.

We will update you with specific dates when these changes come into effect.

GOSH does not have on-site car parking for patients and families. GOSH encourages families to travel to GOSH by foot or bicycle if possible, or via public transportation (taxis, buses, tubes or trains).

Holborn and Russell Square underground stations are nearby, and Euston, King's Cross, St Pancras, Waterloo and Charing Cross train stations are within walking distance of the hospital for many.

Find out more about the best ways to travel to GOSH.

Completed changes

The ATM in the main entrance to the hospital has been removed. Alternative free withdrawal ATMs within walking distance are available at Sainsbury's Brunswick Centre or People's Supermarket on Lamb's Conduit St.

Information for local residents

If you live near Great Ormond Street Hospital, our GOSH community website provides detailed information about the project and how the construction process will be managed to limit the impact on our neighbours.

ou can also contact the redevelopment team by email:

How to get involved

We would like to invite patients and their families to co-design the Children's Cancer Centre (CCC).

Kate, a children's nurse, and Sylvia, a project manager, are asking for current and former oncology parents to join the Parent Advisory Group to help develop the CCC.

The Parent Advisory Group meet virtually on Fridays from 12pm to 1pm once a month in a friendly and supportive environment to discuss what is happening with the centre and ask parents for their valuable suggestions.

You can email with your contact information and Kate or Sylvia will get in touch. Please inform them of any additional needs you may have to facilitate your involvement.

You can also register for updates by emailing