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The following people may apply for access to health records of living patients:

  • The patient - Where the patient is a child (ie under the age of 16) he must, in the opinion of the records holder, be capable of understanding the nature of the application.
  • A person with parental responsibility for a child who is a patient. Under current legislation, if parents have never married, only the mother automatically has parental responsibility.
  • A third party appointed by a court to manage the affairs of the patient, where the patient is incapable of managing his own affairs.
  • A third party appointed by and acting on behalf of the patient.
  • A third party acting as the patient's personal representative where the patient is deceased, and/or any third party who may have a claim arising from the death, where the patient is deceased.

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To contact us at the Medical Records Department, please phone: 0207 405 9200 Ext 5609 or email:

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