Welcome to The Children's Hospital School

The hospital school is closed in line with government guidelines to support the effort to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. 

There will be no teaching in our schoolrooms (GOSH and UCH) or on any wards until further notice. There are ways for your child to continue with their learning if you would like them to. The following advice is for parents and carers of pupils currently on roll at the hospital school:

If your child is also on roll at a school in your home community, please refer to their website or call the school for guidance on how you can access any material for your child’s class or year group. You should also ask your child to log in to any online learning portal the school uses for updates from their class teachers.

For general support with learning whilst in the hospital, we recommend the online resources and learning platforms listed in the document below.

For general enquiries please email hospitalschool@gosh.camden.sch.uk - this inbox will be monitored regularly during the closure period. 

The teaching teams at GOSH and UCH thank you for your patience and understanding at this difficult time. We will remain in touch and continue to offer virtual support and educational advice wherever possible.

Suggested Education Resource List (39.87 KB)

Additional Education Resources (55.38 KB)