Staff hotel booking form

GOSH provides temporary accommodation for permanent staff who work shift patterns and live far away from the Trust, who require overnight or daytime rooms at our Doughty Street and Endsleigh Street residences. Overnight accommodation is available for up to five nights at a cost of £20 per day/night.

Due to the Christmas period the next staff hotel deductions will be for hotel stays between Monday 5 December 2022 and Sunday 15 January 2023, this is a period of six weeks which is an additional two weeks to the usual deduction date.

Room bookings should be made via the form below and the cost of the room will automatically be deducted from your pay the following month.

Please note that due to the limited number of rooms we have available to support our staff group, a criteria is in place to identify your eligibility.

Booking instructions

  • Please complete the criteria field to clarify your eligibility.
  • Complete all mandatory fields
  • Click Submit - this will automatically generate an email to
  • The Accommodation Team will email you confirming your booking and provide details on usage guidance and location

If you have any questions or cancellations/amendments please get in touch at

Are you eligible to book a room? (Please note all these criteria are mandatory and need to be met).
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Temporary Accommodation Agreement Terms and Conditions

  1. I shall use the accommodation for myself only.
  2. I shall bring no pets into the accommodation or the building of which it is part.
  3. The Trust may require me to transfer rooms at any time, although it will endeavour to give me as much advance warning as possible.
  4. By providing my payroll number, I confirm authorisation for payment to be deducted from my salary, one month in arrears.
  5. If I am a non-GOSH employee, I agree to pay for my accommodation ahead of my stay. I understand that if I do not pay ahead of my stay, my booking will be cancelled.
  6. I shall not damage, and shall take good care of the accommodation and all furniture, equipment and other contents provided; and agree to pay a fee for any damage to the room or its furniture.
  7. I agree to report any defects that I find to the Property Service Helpdesk on 8282.
  8. I shall not remove any of the furniture, equipment and other contents from the accommodation, nor shall I bring any furniture or equipment into the accommodation.
  9. I shall comply with all fire regulations applicable to the accommodation and the building of which it is part.
  10. I shall not do anything which may cause a nuisance or annoyance to other persons in the building, of which the accommodation is part (including any communal facilities which I have a right to use).
  11. The Trust shall be entitled to exclude any person from visiting me at the accommodation in its absolute discretion.
  12. This is not a tenancy and I shall permit the Trust access to the accommodation at all times; the Trust retains a key for this purpose.
  13. I shall vacate the accommodation and return the key as required no later than 9am for an overnight stay or 10pm for a daily stay on the departure date; and agree to pay a £20 charge for late return of the key.
  14. I agree to pay the Trust the Nightly Charge for each day after the departure date that I fail to return any key to the accommodation and the building of which it forms part.
  15. I shall, upon vacation of any room used by me (whether on the departure date or on a transfer as envisaged by condition 3), remove all of my possessions from the room and hand over any keys to the room and the building of which it is part.
  16. I agree to pay a fee of £10 for each key which I may be given by the Trust which I lose, or damage.
  17. I agree to notify the Accommodation Team via email on as soon as possible should I need to cancel my booking; and agree for the full fee to be deducted from, one month in arrears salary if I fail to cancel my booking with more than 72 hours’ notice – the fee may be waived in exceptional, unavoidable circumstances, which should be discussed with Accommodation Manager directly.
  18. I acknowledge that the accommodation is not my primary residence.
  19. I agree to be liable and to settle any outstanding invoices raised by the trust should an occasion arise whereby I am no longer employed/contracted by GOSH.
  20. I shall comply with any other regulations imposed by the Trust for the good management of the building, of which the accommodation is part or in the common interests of users of the building.