Staff accommodation

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) holds a variety of residential accommodation which is available to staff and let on six-month assured shorthold tenancies.

The Charity have introduced a differential banding system and your rent is now set according to the banding of your salary, and is inclusive of all utility bills and Council Tax with the exception of self-contained flats where the tenant is responsible for the payment of the Council Tax.

Overview of staff accommodation

Location Description Type ofaccommodation Typical rents(£pcm)
Great OrmondStreet houses(located oppositemain hospital site) Flats in convertedGeorgian houses Studio flatOne bedroomTwo bedroomsThree bedrooms 1020 - 15181192 - 18631285 - 24001822 - 3100
Bernard Street& Colonnade(located twominutes walkfrom the hospital) Bernard Street comprisesa terrace of 17 Georgianhouses, refurbished tohigh standard to provide amixture of two- to five-bedshared flats and studios.Constructed in the rearmews, Colonnade are threeblocks providing three-,five- and seven-bed flat shares Bernard Street flatsharesBernard Street studiosColonnade flat shares 445 - 570791 - 871445 - 501
5 Guilford Street Flats in convertedGeorgian House Studio flatOne bedroomTwo bedroomThree bedroom 1020 - 15181192 - 18631285 - 24001822 - 3100
36 Doughty Street Flat in convertedGeorgian House Studio flat 1020 - 1518

Am I eligible?

Only new starters can apply for staff accommodation. You are considered to be a new starter within nine months of your start date. Your eligibility and allocation will be determined by a points system (more details below).

Requests for accommodation will be accepted from the following sources on receipt of the appropriate paperwork:

  • new recruits via Personnel Department
Telephone requests not substantiated in writing will not be accepted from any source.

Information required to undertake evaluation will be provided by:

  • The recruiting/employing manager, and verified by Personnel during the recruitment process.

Criteria for the allocation of accommodation

Points system used to determine eligibility for, and allocation of, staff accommodation.

Category 0 points 1 point Comments
Travelling distance Less than 90 minutes Greater than 90 minutes One point allocated if you live more than 90 minutes away (each way).
UK resident Yes No One point allocated if you are currently resident outside of the UK and joining GOSH from overseas.
London Deanery Rotation No Yes One point allocated if you are joining GOSH as a doctor on a London Deanery Rotation.
Salary Greater than £25,000 Less than £25,000 One point allocated if your annual salary (including high cost area supplement) is less than £25,000 per annum.
New starter No Yes One point allocated if you are a new starter at GOSH.
Employer Other GOSH One point allocated if you are a GOSH employee.
Staff with disabilities No Yes One point allocated if you have difficulty finding/accessing alternative accommodation as a result of a disability.

You will be allocated points in accordance with the criteria above and will be prioritised on this basis, followed by the date we receive a fully completed, authorised application form.

Processing of applications

accommodation application form (193.5 KB)

On receiving an offer of employment from GOSH you will be provided with a staff .

You should return your completed application form to your Personnel Officer or the Accommodation Services Department.

The Accommodation Services Department will evaluate your request using the points system above. They will then inform you whether you are eligible, or refer the unsuccessful application onto the Accommodation Bureau.

You must be on the GOSH payroll to be eligible for staff accommodation.

How long can I take accommodation for?

All staff eligible for accommodation will be granted an Assured Short-hold tenancy for a maximum of twelve months.

How do I apply?

Accommodation Application Form (193.5 KB)

Please download and complete and return to:

Accommodation Services Department
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust
Main Nursing Home, Level 3

Telephone: 020 7405 9200 (ext 7833, 7896 and 5624)

Staff Hotel

The staff hotel is available for Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) staff needing overnight accommodation at the hospital in order to carry out their role. A total of 27 hotel rooms are provided in two Georgian houses within close proximity to the hospital in Endsleigh Street and Doughty Street. To book, please complete the staff hotel booking form

For further information contact the Accommodation Team on 020 7829 7833 or e-mail: