Private accommodation

There is plenty of private accommodation available to rent near Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

Long-term accommodation

Long-term accommodation usually means accommodation is taken for an agreed period (generally minimum six months) and, unless a break clause is agreed within that time, it is only after that term that the landlord may give notice (of two months) to the tenant or the tenant notice (of one month) to the landlord.

Should no notice be required by either party, the contract may be renewed to continue by agreement.

Short-term accommodation

Short-term accommodation is generally for less than six months and can encompass anything from single nights in hotels, hostels or B&Bs to weeks or months in an informal letting with a landlord.


Rent will vary according to the quality of accommodation and its location.

In the vicinity of GOSH, travel zone 1 (where, in general, no travel expenses would be incurred travelling to and from GOSH) the average rents are :

  • Room in shared accommodation: £150 – £200+ per week
  • Studio flat: £200 – 300+ per week
  • One-bed flat: £250 - £400+ per week
Further afield, in travel zones 2,3 and 4, average rents could be up to £50 cheaper but you may incur expenses travelling to and from the hospital.

Sharing with others

There are many shared flats in London. Sharing with others is an exercise in consideration and at the outset, it would be useful to establish agreement with flatmates regarding 'house rules' (for example, a cleaning rota) with particular attention given to communal areas (kitchen, bathroom and, where applicable, lounge areas).

Sharing with colleagues

Sharing with colleagues can be a good thing, especially to staff new to London. The best way to organise a flat-share with colleagues would be to advertise on the intranet and then approach an agent or the Accommodation Bureau to assist in finding a suitable property.

Finding accommodation

You may find the following websites a useful starting point for finding private accommodation:

These organisations specialise in studio flats in central London:

You could also look in property sections of London newspapers, local journals or consult the agency list provided by our Accommodation Bureau.

Problems with accommodation

Should you have difficulties with your accommodation, you could contact: