Better Activities

Sarah Carne, one of our resident artists at GOSH, has created these fun 'Better Activities' to download. They are designed to prompt you to have conversations with visitors and staff or for you to think about on your own. 

Here is Sarah’s introduction to the Better Activities. She will continue to add to this page so do keep an eye out for more activities!

“These activities have developed out of conversations I have been having with patients, their families and staff at Great Ormond Street Hospital since April 2019. They are designed to be a prompt for you to have conversations with visitors and staff or for you to think about on your own.

I am interested in why we think some things are better than others, why watercolour paper is considered better than cheap photocopier paper, why someone who can draw well might be thought a better artist than one who can’t, why a mushroom is better than a lentil.

The activities might take one minute or twenty, some of the questions might even seem quite pointless, but it is rare, when asked, that people don’t have an opinion and asking why someone thinks one thing is better than another might lead to an interesting conversation.

There are no right or wrong answers. I would love to hear your thoughts @GOSH­_Arts or email"

Download the activities: 

Better Activity 1: FOLD (24.49 KB) 

Better Activity 2: TEAR (22.35 KB) 

Better Activity: CHOOSE (62.27 KB) 

Better Activity 4: RANK (36.88 KB)

Better Activity 5: SPROUT (36.3 KB) 

Better Activity 6: BRUSSELS (43.07 KB)

Better Activity 7: WORDS (63.6 KB)

Better Word Search 1 (49.22 KB)

Better Word Search 2 (34.85 KB) 

Better Word Search 3 (37.79 KB)

 Better Word Search 4 (49.79 KB)

Better Word Search 5 (38.07 KB) 

Better Word Search 6 (38.33 KB) 

Better Word Search 7 (35.24 KB) 

Better Word Search 8 (31.85 KB) 

Better Word Search 9 (35.47 KB)