New Artworks Revealed

GOSH Arts unveil a series of extraordinary artworks in the newly opened Premier Inn Clinical Building

Inside the new Premier Inn Clinical Building GOSH patients, families and staff will find a number of exciting artworks that inspire the imagination and make clinical spaces feel more welcoming and family friendly. GOSH Arts worked with a range of artists who engaged children, young people, parents and staff to help them develop their ideas.

Two innovative virtual windows by filmmakers, Accademia, bring views of the outside world to the bedside. The remarkably realistic windows offer patients and families views of a living landscape which changes periodically to reveal a series of new outdoor scenes.

Throwing Shapes
The playroom walls and windows have been transformed with fun colourful shapes by artist Joceline Howe. Joceline’s work encourages open-ended play and she has also made a series of large plastic shapes that children can use as props to explore colour, shape and light.

Nature Trail
Our digital Nature Trail has been extended to provide continuity and familiarity throughout level 3 of the Mittal Children’s Medical Centre. Designed by Jason Bruges Studio, woodland creatures such as deer, hedgehogs and birds appear between the trees creating an enchanting and calming distraction for patients on their journey to theatre.

Parent and staff rooms
GOSH staff chose over 50 original artworks that are displayed in parent and staff rooms throughout the new building, helping make spaces feel more comfortable and homely. The selection includes paintings, drawings, photographs and original prints by well-known artists such as Albert Irvin, Anita Klein, and Ian Davenport.

Super GOSH
Graphic artist Rob Lowe, also known as Supermundane, worked with young people and Play staff to develop designs for two adolescent social rooms. The patterns created by young people during the sessions were used by Rob to inform and develop the final artwork and can be spotted in the final design.

The Wandering Meadow
This digital animation brings the outside world into the hospital. Each flower, animal and plant you see responds to the current time of day, season and weather outside. The artwork was created by Sister Arrow and developed with the help of patients, the charity and supporters at Premier Inn & Restaurants.