Meditative Marbling with Mildred Creek

Meditative Marbling with Mildred Creek: Hands holding a card with statement 'Please don't judge me differently because I use a wheelchair, it's simply a sofa with wheels!', October 2016
Over 4 days in August, eight young people from Mildred Creek Unit worked with artist, Davina Drummond; they experimented with a range of exciting techniques which used marbling, including Fimo modelling, t-shirt printing and writing.

There is large body of evidence to suggest that the process of working with your hands focuses the mind, eases stress, and can as a result increase a sense of contentment.

Whilst involved in the calming process of creating, the group also discussed how the things they were making could help make their life more relaxing in the long term; They made clocks which could help them concentrate on the present; plant pots for succulents which create oxygen at night, aiding peaceful sleep and marbled calling cards, inspired by artist, Adrian Piper, to help them say things which were normally difficult to share.

By the end of the week, each participant had created a unique collection or marbled object which they could use to help them focus, sleep and share difficult issues. They also completed their Arts Award, an accredited qualification for children and young people participating in creative activities.