Ospedale by Filament Theatre

Italian Hospital

In 2019, GOSH Arts commissioned Filament Theatre to create a piece to celebrate the opening of our new Sight and Sound Centre, in the former Italian Hospital building on Queens Square.

Although the full production has been delayed by the pandemic, we are now able to bring you three songs from the complete work, 1900, 1915 and 2021. Composed by Osnat Schmool, sung by Jonathan Andrew Hume, Sandra Marvin, Osnat, Christopher Staines and Freya Wynn-Jones, the film has been illustrated by Alison Hartley with music production by Tom Stone. View the film here.

Drawing from research in the hospital records, with help from the archivist at the Order of St Vincent and St Paul and interviews with the local Italian community as well as Great Ormond Street staff currently working in the specialisms of sight and sound, Ospedale celebrates the past and future of this wonderful building. You can read more about Filament's research in the attached Italian Hospital Leaflet.

Filament have also created three colouring sheets with the illustrations used in the film.

Part funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

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