A journey around my room

During lockdown Anne Harild, one of our resident artists, is working on a series of stop-frame animations inspired by a book called ’A Journey Around my Room’. All the films take place in Anne’s room. Here is Anne’s introduction:

“I’m interested in making a series of works that can help us explore our imagination and create something with very limited materials. The films will explore different aspects of the room where I’m spending a lot of time at the moment. Each film focuses on different aspects of my room like the bed, the floor, the ceiling, the door and the wall.

Each film will also be accompanied by some A4 sized written and drawn activities to help you to explore your own room.

The Bed is the first of these films and I will keep making and adding my new videos and activities to this page as we continue through this different time.”

The Bed


Worksheet: Make a den (0 bytes)

Worksheet: Make a stop-motion animation (0 bytes)

Anne's project has been inspired by the book ‘A Journey around my Room' by Xavier de Maistre

The Ceiling


Worksheet: Ceiling labyrinths (826.0 KB)

Worksheet: Room drawing (687.6 KB)