How to Uke: Tips and tricks for learning the ukulele

How to Uke book front cover

Written by Katya Herman & Heather McClelland

How to Uke was created as a joint endeavour by GOSH Arts and rb&hArts (Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals) to support patients’ access to music, both in the hospital and beyond. The skills that a patient picks up learning ukulele can be helpful in other ways too. It can help increase finger strength and dexterity, and it gives the brain a good workout! It’s a fantastic boredom-buster, but playing the ukulele can also really help patients' stress and anxiety.

Authors and musicians Heather and Katya have made a series of videos to go with this book, one for each song and technique. These videos have been added to the amazing selection of music tutorial content on rb&hArts YouTube channel Vocal Beats Online. Originally created by Vocal Beats Young Ambassadors in 2019, Vocal Beats Online is designed as a platform for young people in hospital who may be feeling lonely or bored, providing them with opportunities to develop skills in singing and beatboxing.

To coincide with the launch of the book both Hospital trusts have been donated ukuleles from the charity Ukulele Kids Club Inc.

If you want to experience some music in hospital look out for GOSH Arts musicians or email To access music therapy while your child is at GOSH, you can ask any of the health professionals involved in your care to place a referral, or email: