How can hospitals become more sustainable?

GOSH Arts are working with artists Something & Son to imagine how hospitals could become more sustainable and incorporate elements of the natural world. The environmental ideas and passion of the younger generation are important, so this project will involve the GOSH Young People’s Forum (YPF) and we hope to link with hospitals around the country to share ideas online.

Hospitals have strict infection control guidelines but we want to encourage the YPF to imagine a different future and generate ideas for what they would like to be done differently.

The outputs from the project will feed in to Something & Son’s ongoing project ‘The Manuals’, which explores how we can cultivate a new culture where humans create ecosystems through our everyday actions and infrastructures.

The project will also playfully support us to consider how the redevelopment and running of the hospital could enhance and support biodiversity on our planet.

A wild invention activity sheet

To get patients and young people thinking about their ideal hospital habitat we have produced a fun worksheet - choose any species of wildlife you like and invent a habitat for it to live that could be inside or in the grounds of your hospital:

Hospital habitat activity sheet (0 bytes)

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