Get your drum on!

Remi Graves, one of our resident musicians at GOSH, has created some fun videos to encourage patients and their families to get their drum on! Watch the video (linked above and more below) to create your own rhythm using cups. Remi says: “I was looking for a fun way to play rhythms without access to drum sticks or the drum pad that I usually carry around the hospital. I came across the cup rhythms online and thought it would be the perfect activity given that most patients have access to cups and a table. Check out the rhythms in this video, and why not see if you can create your own?"

Watch the Get Your Drum On lesson videos

Jam with your own homemade drum kit (126.9 KB)

Video 4 - jamming (with accompanying resource sheet here: 

Video 5 - sound is all around

Be as creative as you want and feel free to share your own drum rhythms @GOSH­_Arts or email

Music playlists

Remi has also created two Spotify playlists. The first features soothing, relaxing music to provide a calm atmosphere for patients and their families. The second playlist is for drumming along to with a mixture of current pop songs and other songs that Remi might usually share with patients in the hospital.

GOSH soothing playlist

GOSH songs to drum to