Everyday Making

Abigail Hunt, one of our resident artists at GOSH, has created some interesting art making activities for you to download. In her art practice Abigail creates sculptures and collages and these activities use materials and objects that you will have around you.

Here is a message from Abigail to get you started…

“I hope these downloadable collage images and sculpture activities inspire you to get making. There is no right or wrong way to make sculptures and no rules about the things you can use – you can take everyday things from around your room and see what happens when you put them together. Can you make them look completely different or perhaps get them to begin to look like something else?

Or try using the image pages to make new things… you can cut them out as they are or mix them together to make abstract or weird and wonderful new connections!

And there is no limit to how many times you try putting things together. With both collage and sculpture you can move things around as many times as you like.

When I make new artworks I have no idea how they will turn out once they are finished. It can feel strange to not know what will happen, but just try getting started and see what happens…"

Everyday Sculptures (381.3 KB)

Lining up (197.9 KB)

Cut it Out Activities (1.4 MB)

Comical Creatures (3.3 MB)

Speech Bubble Postcards (293.6 KB)

Cross a Frog with a Crow (568.4 KB)

Make sure you take photos of the things you make and share them with your friends and family. If you would like to, please do email or share some pictures to @GOSH_Arts or GOSHarts@gosh.nhs.uk